The 2016 Olympics

The 2012 Olympics have come and gone,

but now it's time for the 2016 Olympians

to shine. With new competitors, and

unexpected backgrounds emerging,

this Years Summer Olympics will be

more exciting than ever - especially

with the new location, Rio. Do you

have what it takes to Bring home

the gold? Or will you loose it all?

6 Aug 12
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2 years ago

      Max Schneider as Jackson McGuire | 17 | America | Swimming | OPEN

When Jackson, at age 9, swam the 100 meter without any lessons, every person in the town was in shock. His parents, on the other hand, were beyond proud. He ended up on the news, suddenly becoming a bit of a “celebrity”. He refused to believe he was. Instead of basking in the fame, little Jackson spent every minute in the pool. 

Eventually, Jackson needed bigger and better things. His parents, being quite rich, Moved to a larger house in the state of California. The pool out back was more fit for him, and helped him achieve the time he was hoping for. His parent’s easily paid for him to leave to Rio. 


As you would guess, Jackson’s used to getting what he wants.  He’s used to asking for something, and it being his. That’s how he feels about the Gold. He wants it, so it’s his. He wont sleep until he gets the medal, but of course, that’s not what he let’s the promoters think. He let’s them think he’s nice, friendly, and a good sport. Which, he’s totally not.

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